GROOMSTIK is a unique patented device that transforms an ironing board into a workstation.  It snaps-on across an ironing board to hold clothing down preventing it from lifting and bunching to aid in ironing perfect creases. 

While using a lint roller or brush, GROOMSTIK will hold clothing down to make removal of lint or pet hair easier.

GROOMSTIK can also hold sweaters in place to make it easier to remove sweater pills with a sweater shaver, razor or comb.  


 GROOMSTIK helps you:

   •  Remove pet hair from your clothes

   •  Shave "pills" from your sweaters

   •  Roll away lint from your clothes

   •  Get the perfect crease on uniforms

   •  Use as a Helping Hand for people with disabilities

   •  Use as a Sewing and Ironing Aide

  Fits standard ironing boards 13" – 15" wide (33cm – 38cm)






Transforms Your Ironing Board Into a Work Station